A Fresh Perspective

Stop getting your balls electrocuted

5 words changed everything

"Stop getting your balls electrocuted."

Those five little words changed the way I think about products, markets, and raising money.

Let's rewind a bit...

It was 2009. I'd spent years building an AI enabled email platform (similar to Gmail's priority inbox). I did everything I thought I was supposed to do.

  • Found a technical co-founder
  • Completed a prestigious accelerator program.
  • Had pre-signups from a viral marketing campaign
  • Found potential channel partners

I knew I was onto something.

But, there was a (large) hiccup. I was almost out of money. 😱

I had spent the last several months pitching our startup to anyone who would listen. Angel networks. VC Firms. I'd been flown out to pitch on Sandhill Road in Silicon Valley.

I watched my bank balance drop as I got "no's" or, even worse, radio silence.

The advice I'd never forget

I was frustrated. People just "weren't getting it".

So, I met with one of our advisors, hoping he'd be able to help me refine our pitch deck. Instead, he gave me advice I'd never forget.

I needed to "stop getting my balls electrocuted", put fundraising on hold, and prove product-market fit.

But, how was I supposed to do that?

Pivot. Prove. Pitch.

I read everything I could find about product market fit. Talked with successful entrepreneurs. Scoured the interwebs. I realized that I needed a smarter way to approach this problem. So, I invented my own framework. One that helped me generate results, fast.

In less than a year, I sold my company to Aol.

I spent the next 10 years using and refining this framework to help companies think differently about product market fit. It looks a bit different than it did 10 years ago because I've constantly iterated on this framework to make it work for:

  • Testing a new idea
  • Finding juicy market segments
  • Proving viability
  • Providing direction for R&D teams and skunkworks projects

Here's the CTA

Yes, this is a blatant sales pitch for my course. If you read between the lines, you'll notice that it took me ten years to even consider selling this course. So, once I crafted it, honed it, and put everything I had into it — who could fault me for wanting to catch your attention and convince you as quickly as I could?

I. Am. Selling. You. Yelling at my 10 years younger self. Dear Younger Self, please heed my warning. If not, you're welcome to take the electrocution route. I did, but I wouldn't wish that path on anyone else.

Want the details on the framework and what I'm selling?

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