A Fresh Perspective

Regrowth After The Storm

Breathe. This Too Shall Pass.

We have all expressed this sentiment. It's all too common throughout history and across cultures, but it bears repeating. It's important to stay positive. Not just to find the "silver lining," but to create more meaning and purpose in an increasingly disconnected and emotionally detached world. We want to be a ray of positivity in the world. I'd be the first to say that it sounds like a fragile, childish dream— but it's the truth. What else is out there for us? Why don't we take a collective breath of fresh air. Three. Big. Deep. Breaths. In. Out.

Pictured from a distance of about 3.7 billion miles (5.9 million km), the Voyager photo was meant to highlight Earth’s solitude and vulnerability.

That's All of Us. On That Blue Dot.

The Pale Blue Dot had the potential to remind folks around the world that we're all in this together, no matter how insane the world has gone. All of the brilliance of humanity is contained within that tiny little spec that looks like a piece of lint on your screen.

Let's Figure This Out Together.

To write this and to truly feel it are obviously two different things. And, the internet is the hardest place for us to connect with what really makes us a true community— as we are naturally altruistic and social creatures that inhabit the piece of lint on your screen.

There will be time for regrowth after the storm.

In every rain storm, there's a glimmer of hope.

Rainbow over San Francisco on March 24th

We'll get out of our PJs at some point... but notice the heart made of stickies. They are EVERYWHERE now in our neighborhood.

Get A Burst of #WFH Positivity

Sometimes, you just want to try something to see if it helps people. So, we picked up the domain wfh.cards because we wanted to design something fun to inspire people as they transition to remote work.

We've been doing the remote thing for over 10 years now. Hopefully, you can benefit from some of the tips and advice we've collected over the past decade. Check it out at wfh.cards →

WFH.cards was created in an afternoon to help share our templates, tips, and inspiration for people working from home!

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